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About Vincent Moretti

Ever since I was young, I had a knack for being creative. A paintbrush in one hand an easel in another was one of the most natural things I had ever felt. In high school, I started taking my art more seriously and recognized that it was special. My art is a mixture of of digital and traditional styles. I tend to incorporate luxury into my pieces since I have been fascinated by the millionaire lifestyles, fashion, and money that I was kept at a distance from throughout my life. 

Each new piece that I finish drives me to keep going and keep moving others through the visions I create—my love for what I do lead me to the launching of my website www.vincentmoretti.com. From there, the sky was the limit.

Once I began selling my art and designs, one thing came very clearly to me. I did not want my pieces to be mass-produced but rather I wanted them to be exclusive and limited. There was something special about the idea that once all pieces had been sold, they could not be copied and pasted to produce more. My artworks are limited to 250 pieces. Once they are sold out, they are gone forever. 

I have poured a special part of myself into each of them in their own unique way. I believe in the power that art holds and how it impacts lives for good. I am lucky to have the ability to be the person that creates it every day. For this, I am grateful and driven to keep doing what I love. 

I am thankful to have recently released Vincent Moretti Apparel just this year. Now, my art and prints can go beyond the canvasses and onto clothing. Proudly, I have partnered with an incredible printing company that ships from over 30 warehouses worldwide. Because it is what you deserve, shipping is fast, and the quality of my pieces are at its highest. 

I am so happy that you are here and hope that we can become apart of each other's lives somehow. I am committed to the idea that my art is the gift that gives me this opportunity.

To provide you with a more in-depth peek into who I am, here is a quote that I live by... 

"Stay far from timid, only make moves when your heart's in it, and live by the phrase 'sky's the limit." -Biggie.

 Vincent Moretti